One semester down….all the rest to go

I have survived…the first semester of my 1L semester at the University of Baltimore School of Law. I’m happy with the grades, but more happy to be moving forward onto another semester. Looking back, it was quite an interesting semester to have survived doing as well as I did, considering the following:

  • The birth of my son William on October 6th (I somehow managed to not miss a class as a result of this)
  • Being involved in a fairly serious automobile accident on November 11th
  • Working full time for what is becoming a much higher volume law firm
  • Trying to sell a house
  • Trying to buy a house
  • Several other things that I’m probably forgetting

Its been a fun semester, and I would have to say that aside from the overall goal of becoming a lawyer, I’m glad that I’m in law school. A lot of people are here for a lot of different reasons, and my reasoning is quite straight forward: to become a lawyer. As the winter break came closer to an end, I found through several conversations with other classmates, that I’m pretty much the only one who was itching to get back to work.