Officially sworn in today!

It’s official, I’m a lawyer* under Maryland’s Rule 16. The asterisk is there due to the fact that I’m now an attorney in limited capacity. This semester I will be working under the supervision of the Office of the Public Defender in Cecil County, Maryland.

This means that 2 days a week I’ll be in the Public Defender’s office, with cases, clients and actually be in court.

Very exciting, but I’m not a full on lawyer.

First, this only exists within the specific supervision at the OPD. It ends when final exams end. I also cannot give you legal advice on any other matters or situations that you may be dealing with. Also, nothing on this website has changed, or will. Nothing on this site should or can be seen as legal advice, on any topic, no matter how close to a situation you may be dealing with is.


Good times, and limited info will be updated as possible.


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