Maryland Auto Accident. Should you Hire a Lawyer?

Accident cases in Maryland can be difficult to navigate. Sometimes you might think it’ll be smooth sailing because the other insurance company has accepted fault for the accident, and now your case is a “slam dunk.” In many cases this is exactly what the insurance company wants you to think. Fault isn’t the only hurdle to jump in these cases. The value of the case is often times more important than fault. Insurance companies thrive on offering substantially less for your injury claim than they’d have to pay if you went to court, or even if you hired a lawyer to settle the claim.

You’ll need to know that ALL of your medical bills are being paid out of the settlement, not just by your health insurance company or your PIP insurance. You’ll also need to know if your health insurance is entitled to reimbursement for what they paid out. Are your lost wages covered in the settlement? After all of this, is there anything left over for you? Our office works hard to make sure that each and every factor of these cases is covered, and that our clients are getting what they’re entitled to under the law, nothing less.

If you’ve been injured in an accident and the insurance company is offering you a little bit of money, or if they’re ignoring you entirely, call us today at 410-885-6200 to see if we can help you.

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