Running pains?

So I’ve decided over the past few weeks to begin running. I’m essentially “training” to run a 5K, although it doesn’t seem like too much of an achievement, its still something that I’ve decided to do. Its a benchmark, I suppose, in me trying to be healthier based on the fact that I have 2 young children, and they’d probably appreciate me sticking around awhile, and being able to run with them whilst doing so. Early on in the running experiment, I had some issues with my ankle, some pain, stiffness, etc. Sought some help, and have recently gotten some Dry Needling Therapy. What is dry needling? Its kinda like acupuncture, except more, I dunno, “medical”? I can’t really describe with any proficiency the true differences, because I do know it utilizes the same principles as far as releasing trigger points and utilizing the natural mechanics and inter-ecosystem of the body to promote healing. I received this treatment several times last year as a result of an auto accident when I was suffering from some lingering headaches. It worked then, so when suggested this time I was certainly on board.

Anyway, the running now continues due to this treatment. I’m registered for my first 5k on thanksgiving day in NH. Good times!