Year 2: nearly complete

Its been a crazy year, I mean absolutely insane.

I have, on a variety of fronts, completely overloaded myself with life, school, work, etc.

Now, I am about a week away from finals at the end of my second year of law school.


There is hope…however.


Things change a little in the semesters to follow.

This summer, I am taking just one class (its like a vacation) and I have an internship 2 days a week only 10 minutes from my house(yay less driving!).

My hope is to learn a lot working in the Public Defender’s office in Cecil County.

Then–in the fall, I will be a part of the Criminal Practice Clinic at UB. Which means I will actually be practicing law under the supervision of the public defender. Tremendous–I cannot wait.

Things at my office are solidifying, clicking into place, and starting to be much more consistent. We’ve gotten some serious cases recently, and those should be incredibly fruitful in the next year or so.

Maryland bar results are released next friday. I am looking forward to the results, as my colleague PJ, a Pennsylvania Lawyer, recently took it and awaits the results.


I need a break. I need to go to Disney World or something like that.